What we do
At Creadora, we know the value in quality images that our clients look for when it comes to presenting their business. We take our time and focus on all angles and points to make sure that your product stands out in the way it should be. By keeping up with the latest trends on fashion and other related areas, we are able to deliver high end photographs when asked for.
We have multiple talents who specialise in Fashion, Lifestyle, food, corporate, product and event photography.
Be it a dslr camera or Arri Alexa, the quality of the video is defined by the credibility of the content it has and that is why we spend valuable time building out the storylines and working closely with the client to better understand and achieve the message that they would like to get across.
Clubbing this crucial part with the talented creative heads at Creadora we end producing top notch content for your business.
Production, Event coverage, Real estate, Commercials are our areas of expertise.
Aerial filming
Gone are the days where you rig up cameras into choppers and wait for a hundred things to align together to get the perfect shot. We have talented and experienced drone pilots who are experts in delivering high quality Aerial photography and videography. With the wide range of high end drones we are capable of capturing sharp and detailed videos at 6k resolution and 20.8 MP photographs.
Live streaming
The video streaming market is expected to reach a value of approximately USD 742.74 billion in 2025 at a robust growth rate of 18.29%. Due to the increasing number of people accessing video content through the internet, it has become a vital marketing and promotion tool for many companies.
We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best Live Streaming services with the highest quality content.
Visual effects and motion graphics
Animations are a great way to bring your products and services to life, as well as explain complex concepts and technologies. It also gives you the creative freedom to express your product or service the way you want without the restrictions of the real world
With our experienced and creative in-house team we can provide you with an engaging animation that gets you one step closer to your campaign goals.
Time lapse videos are created by capturing images in real time. It allows viewers to capture long-term projects (notably construction or any assembly) in a short amount of time. It is widely used in real estate, industrial or construction promotional videos.
A minimum of 4K quality videos assured by the high end equipment we use will give the great level of details and “wow” effect to any marketing initiative.
Our Approach
We work closely with our client from the ideation phase to gather and analyse all necessary information in order to align visual content with clients' brand image, marketing goals and budget
We assign the crew according to their skills, competences, experience and specialization in line with the requirements of the concept to execute the project in perfection.
Based on all information given by the client, we create a concept that will pass the message, tell the story and deliver results.
We’re always well-prepared, punctual and agile in execution to make every project a success.
4. Execute
2. Design
3. Assign
1. Analyse
Our Approach
Media Production
Should you have an idea, a concept or a project, we are always ready to help.
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